Let’s get this started

Hi everyone. I’d like to introduce myself –  I’m Bunny and I started this blog with my mum a.k.a mimsey. We both haven’t known how to start this off but on this tuesday night I decided I might as well get going.
The idea for this blog started 4 months ago I’d say already, when I thought it would be a great thing to do with my mum and what would we be doing? Cooking a dish from each country in the world. Guess how many we’ve done already? 12… yeah we kept putting this off. And guess how many there are? Too many!  Last count 196!
So a little bit about who we are: I’m 15 and go to high school and mimsey at the moment is a stay at home mum. Mimsey grew up in New Zealand and moved to Australia in her twenties and has worked in many restaurants and cafes she has even done a course at Le Cordon Bleu. Now quite a few years later we live the beautiful Blue Mountains, an hour drive out of Sydney in Australia. Mimsey is the best cook, she almost already cooks meals from all around the world, well almost!

The rules: randomly choose one slip from the box (which has a country name on it), research the cuisine and decide if your making sweet or savoury, both of us have to cook the dish in that week. By the way, half of the slips are written in blue and the other half in pink, and if we get our colour (I’m blue and mimsey’s pink) we get one point, so far mimsey is winning with 3 points I’m on 2 and the other aspect to win is to get the highest ratings for your dish. I’m winning so far with 10/10 for my Taiwanese dish I did last night.

We also with be putting up some of our favourite recipes and maybe some reviews.
So hopefully people will read this and enjoy it.

For now love from Bunny, enjoy your dinner tonight xxx